WebTrak™ extends the power of MarketWide™ by capturing website activity, which includes website visitors, pages viewed, locations, device information, operating systems, browsers, referring sources, and conversions.

Combining WebTrak with MarketWide Email™ lets you “close the loop” in your customer marketing journey, starting with campaign selection and followed by email deployment, then click-thru tracking to landing page to conversion. WebTrak taps into the power of your database to let you keep your finger on the pulse of your multi-channel marketing campaigns, monitoring performance even as campaigns are still active.

How WebTrak Works

Under the hood, WebTrak stores website activity at two levels: by visitor and by page. A visitor session can consist of several pages, tracked in the order they are accessed. WebTrak captures activity data in real time and writes it directly into our marketing system. This seamlessly pulls together online and offline data about your customers and prospects, helping you gain unique insights and make better decisions.

For GDPR compliance purposes, WebTrak distinguishes between legitimate customer/prospect visitors versus anonymous visitors. Legitimate visitors are automatically tagged so they can be linked to the customers and prospects in your marketing database, while for anonymous visitors, sensitive PII data is converted into a 1-way, persistent key that lets you identify repeat visitors, while maintaining GDPR compliance.

What’s Included?

WebTrak is equipped with a standard suite of browser-based reports, showing you activity at a visitor and page level. There are also charts showing visitor devices, operating systems, browsers, referring URL, and traffic patterns. Its geographic maps show where your visitors are located, and options are provided to export data and drill into your output.


WebTrak licensing is a modest add-on to the base MarketWide license. As with all MarketWide products, it includes ongoing support, maintenance, and upgrades.

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