Below are a few examples of the feedback we receive from our clients. DSI is proud to have helped these businesses make better sense of their vast amounts of data and use it to fuel their marketing and business strategies.

Why Valley Vet Supply Chose MarketWide

Valley Vet Supply is a national B2B and B2C catalog and web retailer with three major titles, each with a fairly unique customer base and product mix. Since 1985, VVS has helped livestock producers be more profitable, enabled equine enthusiasts to pursue their passion, and aided pet owners in maximizing the enjoyment of their pets. But unlocking the data associated with these divisions was a major obstacle to building better marketing campaigns, let alone running multichannel campaigns.

DSI helped VVS overcome these obstacles by building a comprehensive user-friendly marketing database and then connecting it to MarketWide. This immediately opened a virtual smorgasbord of capabilities for VVS: including campaign management, integrated email, BI reporting, and conversion tracking. Through MarketWide, VVS now develops campaigns that combine catalog and email channels to target web buyers, maximizing marketing spend ROI and buyer retention.

In addition to managing multichannel campaigns, VVS uses MarketWide to capture website visitors and match them back to marketing campaigns, allowing them to better measure promotion results, reallocate marketing spend to proper sales channels, and enhance the contact strategy for customers and prospects. As a result, VVS enjoys key competitive advantages in responsiveness, flexibility, and accurate targeting. Thanks to the proven power – and simplicity – of MarketWide.

Brad Ekiss
Director of Marketing
Valley Vet Supply

“Decision Software and its MarketWide software consistently prove their value as we help our clients build relationships with new and existing customers,” said Jim Spillane, Vice President Database Services at Anchor Computer, a provider of custom database services, software and marketing data that allows clients to optimize their databases for highly profitable omni-channel marketing campaigns. “With this Maestro release, our clients have a single solution that handles all marketing channels without making us unload data and push it to an ESP.”

Jim Spillane
Vice President Database Services
Anchor Computer

“During my time at JWT, we brought in DSI and MarketWide as our solution for a client database well into the hundreds of millions. DSI worked with us to integrate their solution with the existing marketing database in less than sixty days, and we were able to reduce our processing time getting campaigns out the door from nearly two weeks to a single day. That kind of turnaround offers huge advantages.”

April Killion
Marketing Technology & Strategy
Digital, Database Marketing, & Big Data Tasselogic Inc.