DSI Technical Support

Are you having technical issues with our software? Do you need advice on how to use certain features? Our tech support department is always here to answer these and other questions. Contacting us is easy and we won’t waste hours of your time keeping you on hold.

Access the MarketWide Knowledge Base for more information on specific MarketWide modules.

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Before Requesting Support

The more information you can provide during the initial support request, the faster and better and we’ll be able to help you. So before you call or email us, make a mental or a written list of the following:

  • The exact issue you are experiencing
  • What you were doing when the problem occurred
  • Any error messages you saw
  • If applicable, take a screen-shot of the error

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Option 1: Email Us

Write an email to support@dsoftware.biz and describe all of the above. Additionally, you can send an email directly from the task properties screen of any MarketWide task with just one click. To do this, simply click on the envelope icon at the top of the dialog box.

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Option 2: Call Us

Our 24/7 tech support hotline is (301) 459-9000 (choose option 2 on the menu).

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Desktop Sharing

Desktop screen sharing is a fast and easy way for you to demonstrate the issue or for us to help you navigate the software. We use desktop sharing for many of our support calls to save our clients time and frustration explaining their problem or implementing the solution.



DSI offers free telephone and email support (9am to 5pm EST) to clients signed up for a maintenance plan. Please note that fees may be charged for after-hours support and support requests requiring significant programming time, unless the request involves a bug in our software.