Email Marketing

Connect With Your Customers

Email marketing is one of the best and fastest ways to reach your customers directly and build long-lasting relationships. But with thousands of customers, it can be difficult to coordinate who and when they should receive certain types of messages. DSI can help you simplify email list segmentation and build a robust marketing campaign with our MarketWide software.

Email Marketing Services

  • Campaign setup in MarketWide based on your specifications
  • Campaign scheduling and implementation
  • Detailed counts report and analytics
  • Ongoing campaign maintenance and tuneup
email marketing

Marketing Automation


Make the Most of Your Time

We value your time, which is why we designed our software to automate your routine marketing tasks, such as data mining and customer segmentation. Better yet, we’ll do them for you as long as you provide us with the details of your campaign! Take care of the strategy, and we’ll worry about the technical aspects.

Marketing Automation Services

  • Deliver personalized, useful content to nurture your leads and customers
  • Automate routine tasks across the sales funnel
  • Keep in touch with your customers to stay on top of their mind
  • Track a single customer response rate across different media
  • Set up trigger events that prompt automated communications

Database Hosting

Database Design, Hosting and Management

Any good marketing campaign starts with a solid customer database that is fast, friendly and intuitive. How you organize your data affects whether you can achieve your goals and how easy it will be to use for your marketing staff. DSI can build a database according to your campaign specifications or host and maintain your existing database remotely.

Database Services

  • Data modeling and physical database design
  • Ongoing performance monitoring and tuneup
  • System updates, patches and refreshes with new data
  • On-demand news feeds and special projects
  • Database is hosted on our secure servers

Database Marketing

database marketing

Make the Best Use of Your Data

DSI can help you make sense of the large volumes of customer data and drill down to the information you need to run a successful marketing campaign. Our MarketWide database marketing tool makes it a breeze to sort through thousands of records and create sophisticated (and automated!) marketing campaigns.

Database Marketing Services

  • Aggregate customer data in an easy-to-use database
  • Build segmented target markets and save segments for future use
  • Identify transition events for customers with changing RFM values
  • Define the most relevant criteria for each campaign
  • Use multiple media to create various touch points with a customer

Business Intelligence

Insights to Help Grow Your Business

Transactions, number of purchases and email open rate are raw data that needs to be structured and analyzed in order to provide value. DSI’s MarketWide software offers the tools to turn meaningless data into valuable business intelligence you could use to adjust your marketing tactics or improve your product offerings.

Types of Business Intelligence

  • Identify trends in customer behavior to use for predictive modeling
  • Find and reward your most loyal customers
  • Calculate customer lifetime value
  • Identify influencers and encourage them to endorse your business
  • Gather customer feedback to improve your products and services
business intelligence


Track Results to Build Better Campaigns

Robust campaign analytics is a must if you want to maximize your marketing spend and avoid past mistakes. That’s why DSI included a comprehensive and intuitive Analyzer module with our MarketWide software to help you easily identify low-performing segments, calculate ROI and produce other relevant reports.

Reports and Analytics Features

  • Full promotion history database
  • Profit and loss reports for each campaign
  • Generate graphs, tables, charts and formulas
  • Track sales by product, manufacturer and fiscal year
  • Polished reports in multiple formats

Data Hygiene

Keep Your Data Organized

If your data is coming from multiple sources, it’s common to have inconsistencies, such as incomplete records or varying formatting. These data hygiene issues may seem minor, but they can wreak havoc on your segmentation efforts and campaign deliverability. Not to worry, DSI is here to ensure your database is as clean and organized as it can be.

Data Hygiene Services

  • Standardizing address data according to USPS requirements
  • Normalizing your data to achieve a consistent format
  • Identifying missing information
  • Removing duplicate records
  • Archiving outdated data
data hygiene