Email Marketing

Zero-in on Your Target Market

We offer a suite of powerful tools for planning and implementation of complex email marketing campaigns. Our customer segmentation module makes it easy to search your entire database, create targeted audiences and conduct A/B testing. You can send an email blast via the built-in tool or use your preferred third-party email marketing software.

Email Marketing Tools

  • Simplified RFM analysis to identify your best customers
  • Drag-and-drop interface for building multi-segment campaigns
  • Waterfall structure for tracking the segment size as it narrows
  • Built-in email composer and scheduler
  • Real-time results and analytics
email marketing

Marketing Automation

marketing automation

Save Time and Resources

We work hard to make your job easier. You can easily manage thousands of customers and transactions with our automated marketing software. No more sorting though spreadsheets or calling your IT for help—DSI can give you the automation tools your marketing agency can adopt with little technical knowledge.

Marketing Automation Tools

  • Process over 100 million records in 1 hour
  • Automatically remove duplicates from overlapping segments
  • Campaign data is synced between different users
  • Apply multiple criteria at once to build your segment in one pass
  • Set up trigger events to track customer recency, frequency, monetary, and lifetime values

Business Intelligence

Turn Data Into Knowledge

Be more than a marketing agency—become a source of valuable business intelligence for your clients with the help of DSI’s database marketing tools. We don’t put barriers on how deep or how wide your queries can run: you have full access to vast amounts of data that can be analyzed and segmented lightning-fast.

Business Intelligence Capabilities

  • Identify trends in customer behavior to use for predictive modeling
  • Calculate customer lifetime values
  • Improve customer retention and experience
  • Build ideal customer profiles for more precise lead generation
  • Provide more accurate ROI predictions



Data-Driven Decision Making

As a marketing agency, you know the importance of robust analytics tools and accurate reports. And as software and database developers, we know how to build these tools and make them easy to use for non-technical users like you. Our software lets you generate a variety of reports for both immediate campaign overview and long-term performance.

Reports and Analytics Features

  • Reports generated in PDF, HTML, RTF and other formats
  • Include graphs, tables, charts, functions and formulas
  • Generate and distribute reports on demand or automatically
  • Reports updated with each database load for up-to-date information
  • Access to the complete promotion history database

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