NameCruncher is a unique, integrated list hygiene and optimization tool that pulls together multiple functions/analysis to significantly increase the accuracy, cleanliness and consistency of your marketing lists. By improving list accuracy, NameCruncher helps increase your deliverability percentage, reducing print/postage costs and enhancing response efficiency.

Improve your aim

Bring order to the chaos of merging lists from multiple sources with varying formats and ensure you are working with the best, cleanest records.

  • Standardize formatting/consistency regardless of incoming data
  • Create a list that is easy to use and easy to manipulate based on your needs
  • Provide verification of net names utilized from purchased lists
  • Generate clean unique lists using sophisticated address hygiene via multiple reference platforms, suppression options and geocoding
  • Eliminate duplicate mailings to single targets due to parsing, nicknames or input issues
  • Efficiently segment and test variable offers, reach the right targets for each offer
    • Send the correct offer to the correct prospects, improve your success efficiency
    • Insert special processes such as customer salutations
    • Accurately track results of different efforts to different groups

NameCruncher complements other CRM tools and works seamlessly with your existing databases to improve your overall response rates.