MarketWide List Processing

December 18, 2018

If you’re the kind of marketer that’s into lists, we’ve added a cool new function just for you! The Random function may not help you create naughty and nice lists, and it’s not intended for shhh… uh… shame on you lists either. It’s designed to support List Rentals.

As a quick tutorial, prospect databases are generally created using multiple rented prospect lists, each of which is given a unique code we’ll call ListCode. Often, the same person exists on multiple lists,causing campaigns to select duplicate records. To handle this, the Random function selects a random record and ListCode to credit for the selection – a practice referred to as “Random Allocation.” Another popular method is called “Fractional Allocation,” and less-frequently is the first come/first served allocation. To support these methods, the List function selects all matching ListCodes and is used for fractional, and the First function is used for first come/first served.

The screenshot below shows how to choose a Random list code in a prospect campaign. Simply click Random, select ListCode, and hit <OK>. It’s that simple!

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