MarketWide Goes Social

January 12, 2018

With the release of version 5.2.13, MarketWide now boasts seamless support for targeted Facebook ads within campaign journeys through a “Social Touch” feature. This exciting enhancement provides marketers with a single integrated platform to create true multi-channel campaigns – supporting direct mail, email, telemarketing, SMS text, and now targeted Facebook ads.

Combined with WebTrak (MarketWide’s integrated web activity processing engine), Social Touches enable marketers to target consumers with a Facebook ad, track who clicks the ad and goes to your landing page, and finally capture conversions (buyers): all in real time and with no movement of data.

How It Works

MarketWide leverages Facebook’s Custom Audience API to serve up relevant ads to a specific audience that you define. To take advantage of this feature, a simple, one-time configuration process is needed to create a “Social Template.” This template enables MarketWide to access your organization’s Facebook account.

Once created, marketers simply build out the campaign as usual, run the segmentation, and choose the Social Template as the output destination from the MarketWide “Touch” action. MarketWide then prompts you for details such as Campaign and Creative information.

Once the campaign is active, consumers chosen for a Social Touch are automatically uploaded to Facebook, and are shown the ad next time they access it. As mentioned above, MarketWide WebTrak will then capture and report on everyone who clicks on the ad.

Tell Me More!

As always, a MarketWide campaign supports any number of touches, each of which can leverage any supported output channel, at a timing and cadence you control. Rules can be defined to automatically stop marketing to consumers that respond or opt out.

Including social media in your marketing campaigns is a powerful feature that provides a great way to stay engaged with your best customers and prospects. To learn more about MarketWide or to schedule a demonstration,  Contact Us.