MarketWide Email

MarketWide Email™ is a self-contained, fully integrated email system that extends the power of MarketWide to add full email functionality, allowing you to create, launch, and track powerful multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Automate your marketing while delivering personalized emails to your customers—in real time, using up to the minute data. You can design and deploy email directly within the tool without ever exporting or uploading lists, and customize the subject and preheader of your emails, pulling information from designated fields in your tables to use in your campaigns. Our HTML Editor manages your email templates and handles dynamic content, enabling you to tailor emails for each recipient.

Unlike other email systems, ours captures valuable feedback data as it happens and writes it directly back into your database, so you don’t have to wait days to find out how your email campaigns are performing.
MarketWide Email Transactional campaigns can run continuously and be paused, resumed, or ended based on your choices. Save time, and create efficiency by letting MarketWide work for you.

Features and Functions

MarketWide Email includes a rich set of features including:

  • A powerful WYSIWYG HTML editor
  • Dynamic contect that accepts any combination of fields or formulas from your database
  • Customizable preheader
  • Both promotional and transactional email
  • A comprehensive suite complete with charts, geographic maps, and HTML heatmaps
  • Reply capture, allowing you to follow up
  • Built-in suppression handling for invalid email addresses

The Technology

MarketWide Email is based on proven Amazon Cloud technology, providing world-class power and flexibility combined with rock-bottom licensing and support costs. It’s truly the best of all worlds, giving you complete control of your campaigns from start to finish.

The Results

Combining MarketWide with its optional Email and WebTracking components lets you “close the loop” on your marketing campaigns, beginning with powerful database segmentation followed by email deployment, capturing opens and clicks, then following the clicks onto the landing page, any subsequent pages, and finally conversions. All in real time! While MarketWide email is licensed separately, it’s integrated completely. MarketWide Email includes ongoing support, maintenance, and upgrades.

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