MarketWide CDP

MarketWide can predict your future success

We believe it’s crucial for marketers to have a comprehensive understanding of how things work in order to make informed decisions. Purchasing enterprise marketing systems is a significant investment, and choosing the wrong product can result in expensive shelfware that you’re stuck with for years. That’s why we have compiled this candid and lighthearted list of features that set MarketWide apart from other marketing systems. Predicting your future success requires an understanding of your past efforts and MarketWide is your strategic and tactical solution to marketing campaign management.

How is MarketWide different from other marketing systems?

While we have numerous impressive features to boast about, we consider the following advantages to be the standout differentiators of MarketWide:

  • Installation on YOUR network: MarketWide can be installed on your network, unless you opt for our DCP version.
  • Seamless integration with your existing database: MarketWide connects to your current database as long as it uses a SQL-based platform such as Oracle and SQL Server. Unlike many competing products that are only available as cloud-based solutions, MarketWide allows you to keep your data where it is and performs the necessary work itself.
  • Efficient processing of transactional data: MarketWide conducts its own calculations by analyzing transactional data, eliminating the need for your database administrator to precalculate numerous rolled-up data fields.
  • Scalability: MarketWide has the capability to handle large-scale campaigns with extensive data. We have witnessed clients building campaigns with over 3,000 segments, and MarketWide can swiftly process hundreds of millions of records in a single campaign.

What’s included with MarketWide?

As a robust and comprehensive campaign management system, MarketWide comes equipped with various features, including:

  • World-class campaign management with complete multi-channel marketing automation.
  • A user-friendly reporting interface featuring pivot tables and charts that enable you to design polished business intelligence reports and publish them as interactive web pages.
  • Ad Hoc query capabilities and data export options for those who prefer to manipulate data themselves.
  • Administrative tools for creating custom objects like functions, queries, and expressions; setting user permissions; and adding metadata such as picklists and field descriptions.
  • MarketWide Email (an optional add-on feature) that supports real-time email deployment, including transactional and promotional emails, directly integrated with your database. It also offers features for tracking opens, clicks, bounces, HTML editing, and a comprehensive suite of performance reports.

Will MarketWide work with my database?

MarketWide is compatible with Oracle and SQL Server databases. However, the crucial question is how well it will work with your specific database. Assuming you haven’t created an excessive number of tables, it should work smoothly. However, if you have created an excessive number of tables, we recommend removing some to ensure MarketWide operates optimally.

There are two requirements for MarketWide: each individual in your database must have a customer number or ID assigned, and this ID needs to exist in every table that contains customer data.

What channels does MarketWide support?

MarketWide supports all the traditional direct marketing channels, including catalog, direct mail, telemarketing, and email. It also includes support for text messaging. Additionally, MarketWide maintains a comprehensive promotion history database that records interactions with every individual, including the timestamp, channel, and offer details. This feature, combined with MarketWide’s report designer, enables you to create professional-looking response reports that can be refreshed in real time and published online.

What are the steps to get MarketWide up and running?

The first step is to sign our license agreement and provide payment. Afterward, you’ll need a database since MarketWide without a database is like a television without a signal—it works fine but has nothing to do. As mentioned earlier, your database must be either Oracle or SQL Server.

Once you have a database, the rest of the process is straightforward. the main steps include:

  • Installation and configuration of the software (1 day).
  • End-user training (2 days).
  • Commencing your marketing activities (for the foreseeable future).

Rest assured we won’t abandon you after training. Our dedicated support team will be available via telephone and email from 9 am to 5 pm ET to address any inquiries you may have. For particularly complex issues, we may even provide remote desktop support to assist you.

What does MarketWide NOT do that I might need?

While we firmly believe in the capabilites of MarketWide, there are a few things it does not offer:

  • MarketWide, unless licensed as MarketWide CDP, does not address data quality issues or perform address hygiene. It is your responsibility or the responsibility of whoever manages your database to handle these tasks.
  • MarketWide does not build models or provide guidance on who to target with your marketing efforts. It assumes that you already possess this knowledge and provides you with all the necessary features to execute your strategies. However, if you require assistance, we are available for consultation.
  • MarketWide does not make coffee!

What does MarketWide cost, and what’s the return on investment (ROI)?

The cost of MarketWide depends on various factors including:

  • Agency vs End User licensing
  • Deployed vs. Cloud installation
  • Database size, measured by the number of contacts (customers and prospects)
  • Number of MarketWide end users

In terms of ROI, there are multiple perspectives to consider. Firstly, if you are currently running or attempting to run campaigns manually using SQL, with 2-3 campaigns per week, you likely have a dedicated SQL programmer solely responsible for these tasks. MarketWide eliminates the need for manual efforts and offers capabilities that were previously unavailable. These include support for unlimited test/control groups, “Nth” selects, maximum per site, branches, waits, excludes, and complete campaign automation.

Moreover, MarketWide allows you to establish automated trigger campaigns that can run as frequently as desired. Whether it’s “thank you and welcome” campaigns for new buyers or donors, “holy cow, you are awesome” campaigns for high-value customers, or “why don’t you love us anymore” campaigns for lapsed customers, you can set up these campaigns once and run them indefinitely.

MarketWide allows you to calculate ROI for the marketing campaigns you produce by factoring ad spend, testing, and match back response rates. With that kind of insight, you could say MarketWide will help you predict your future.

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