Your Business Online for $99 per Month!

Have you thought about selling your products online but you just don’t have the bandwidth to get started? Decision Software has the answer: it’s our online Sales Augmentation Engine we call MarketSLAM™.

Simply put, MarketSLAM is a fully functioning website built just for you, allowing your customers to browse through your product inventory, click and drop the products they want into a shopping cart, and place their order online.

All you have to do is wait until the money shows up and ship the products that they ordered. And best of all? There’s almost nothing you need to do to get started other than to give us a list of your products, complete with descriptions, prices, categories, and (optionally) photos. We’ll take care of the rest, and if it doesn’t work you can turn it off.

How It Works

DSI has structured this offer as a rock-bottom entry point that scales as your sales increase. You’ll pay a modest $99 fee to get started and then $99 per month to cover the cost of keeping things running. Our profit comes from a reasonable commission on sales generated through the website: no sales = no commission. Basically, we become your online salesmen while you control fulfillment. You’ll have full visibility into all online orders. All we ask is a chance to prove our value.

What We Do

  • Set up your website
  • Create your domain
  • Load in your inventory
  • Make sure everything is working correctly
  • Review your site with you for final signoff
  • Bring the website online
  • Process online payments
  • Send you all order information (and shipping labels if you want)
  • Handle all the technical mumbo jumbo

What You Do

  • Give us a no-obligation call to walk through the process and address any questions that you may have
  • Send us a list of your products, descriptions, prices, categories, and photos
  • Wait for orders to start coming in
  • Ship your orders

What Happens Next

After the website is up and running, we’ll consult on ways to increase traffic. This includes things like google searches, popup/banner ads, email campaigns, social media, etc. You’ll be involved as much or as little as you want each step of the way. Give us a call or click LET’S GET STARTED to proceed.