Integrating BI Tools with MarketWide

November 12, 2018

MarketWide 5.3 now seamlessly supports custom web reports that can be built using 3rd party Business Intelligence software such as Tableau, Cognos, or Business Objects. This feature allows you to expand the benefits of MarketWide by creating custom reports using your favorite BI tool and adding them to MarketWide Online (MWO) portal, accessible from your browser.


Authorized MarketWide users can add any browser application directly to MWO in just a few simple steps.
1. Create your custom report or web application.
2.Open MWO, scroll to the Custom Reports section, and click “New.”
3. Type or paste the URL string for the application and enter a name and description.
4. Click “Update.”
5. Voila! Your custom report is added to MWO.

Once added, these applications appear in MWO’s main page in the Custom Reports section. It’s that simple!