GiftMiner is a cost effective, easy to use suite of marketing and data management tools that helps nonprofits increase the speed and velocity of gifting through more effective collection, analysis, and use of donor and marketing data. We guarantee you will increase donor marketing effectiveness and gifting, and reduce the time you spend on data management. Focus on building your donor relationships and fulfilling your mission and leave the details to us.

GiftMiner tools include:

  • Donor Acquisition
  • Data Enrichment & Hygiene
  • Custom Database Solutions
  • Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Prospecting
  • Targeted Omni-Channel Marketing

Better data, more strategic decision making

GiftMiner powers your donor marketing efforts with better data, deepening your understanding of donor behavior/philanthropic patterns and driving more strategic marketing decisions.

  • Zero-in on your highest potential donors
  • Focus your marketing strategies/priorities
  • Evaluate & increase the effectiveness of your appeals
  • Automate routine data mining, targeting and marketing tasks
  • Reduce the effort needed to stay in touch with donors
  • Develop marketing campaigns in hours not days
  • Deliver timely, pertinent, personalized content
  • Increase gifting, decrease waste/cost
  • Maximize your personnel resources

GiftMiner—right sized for nonprofits

GiftMiner is a product of DSI, a market leader in custom database and marketing software used by large B2B and B2C Fortune 500 companies to enhance data analysis, customer segmentation and campaign targeting.

GiftMiner is a streamlined, affordable, easy to use version of DSI software that is right-sized and right-priced for the nonprofit sector. GiftMiner seamlessly links with Salesforce, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, SurveyMonkey, and many other tools, capturing and adding that data to the analytical mix for further insight.