DSI announces MarketWide 5.4

October 7, 2019

Decision Software Inc. (Landover, MD) announces the latest upgrade to our powerful marketing system: MarketWide 5.4. Notable features & benefits in this release include:

A new “pay only for what you use” licensing model

Under this new license, companies with large databases who market to a smaller subset of customers can pay for a smaller license tier, based on the size of this subset. The previous license was based on total database size rather than the actively marketed universe. This model lets you choose the licensing tier that makes the most sense for your business.

Self-updating with minimal IT support

MarketWide updates can now be applied without administrative privileges, in the same fashion as popular web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. These updates use a low footprint, secure self-updating method, and greatly reduces (if not eliminates) the need to involve IT with every update.

Segmentation improvements

MarketWide’s TouchPoint campaign manager now includes new commands and methods for classifying and categorizing a campaign audience. These include:

  • PUTs – lets you copy customer data including calculations and formulas or assign a value to your own “Placeholder” (user-created) field(s), then reference them just like a normal field on your database. This is great for dynamic content or for simplifying complicated query logic.
  • Assignment Segments – these are special segments used for creating Placeholder variables, which can then be referenced by normal (non-Assignment) segments or by excludes, used as dynamic content, and/or used to simplify your Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation features

TouchPoint’s MarketFlow has been enhanced with powerful capabilities in Branches and Touches (solicit output), including:

  • Allocations – an overall limit on universe size for the branch or touch. Allocations can be chosen randomly or prioritized by value such as a model score.
  • Constraints – touches and branches can be assigned “max per” constraints. For example, a catalog touch can be constrained to one per household, while an email touch is constrained to one per email address.
  • Splits – touch and branch segments can be split randomly, ranked (by field value), and distributed (equal field distribution), providing powerful testing abilities.

Householding (“Max Per”) enhancements

Performance improvements have been made to TouchPoint campaign Constraints, along with new features for testing and simulating results before running a campaign.

  • Custom Constraints – this feature lets you attach SQL scripts to apply custom business rules, such as carrier route Add-a-Name processing.
  • Apply/Simulate – a command that lets you process constraints and view the results before you run your campaign. Within a few seconds, as each constraint is processed the number of input and output records is shown.

Email improvements

MarketWide Email has received enhancements such as:

  • Winner/Challenger – new capabilities have been added to manage the Winner/Challenger universe, including Allocations and Constraints.
  • Device Information – additional fields for storing the device category (e.g., Smartphone, tablet) and to identify and flag “bots” (which generate false opens and clicks).
  • Address Performance Metrics – new address-level data including an engagement score, optimal send time, preferred device, and various 1-year totals such as number of sends, opens, soft bounces, etc.

MarketWide is DSI’s powerful multi-channel marketing automation system. For over 10 years, it has helped our customers and agency partners create and automate marketing campaigns. In one day or less, MarketWide can be installed on your network and connected directly to your existing SQL Server or Oracle marketing database. Contact us to arrange for a no-obligation demonstration.