Add-a-Name Processing with MarketWide

June 12, 2019

Seasoned Direct Mailers have a variety of tricks they can play to lower their mailing costs. Tactics such as presort, co-mail, consolidation, selective binding, not to mention old-fashioned CASS, NCOA, and merge/purge have been used for years, if not decades. Add-a-Name is another tried-and-true arrow in the DM quiver. The practice was commonly used in […]


Handling Group Email Addresses in MarketWide

January 15, 2019

Once in a while we come across an email address that’s shared by more than one person. This often happens in businesses with group inboxes like, but sometimes occurs in consumer households too. One way of handling this is to simply ignore duplicate emails within a single job. However, if you’re using dynamic content […]


The MarketWide Difference

January 10, 2019

We think it’s important for marketers to understand enough about how things work so you can make informed decisions. Enterprise marketing systems are big ticket items, and the consequence of buying the wrong product is to watch it turn into Big Expensive Shelfware that you’re stuck with for several years. That’s why we decided to […]


MarketWide List Processing

December 18, 2018

If you’re the kind of marketer that’s into lists, we’ve added a cool new function just for you! The Random function may not help you create naughty and nice lists, and it’s not intended for shhh… uh… shame on you lists either. It’s designed to support List Rentals. As a quick tutorial, prospect databases are […]


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