2017: A Sprint to the Finish

January 22, 2018

Decision Software began 2017 like a quarter horse charging out of a starting gate, with two new agencies signing MarketWide licenses; other clients renewing and expanding their contracts, placing WebTrak – our website activity tracking system – into production; and rolling out a major new product upgrade, including 47 significant new features, in the first three months of the year. It was yet another profitable growth year for us, with top line revenue increasing nearly 6% from 2016, and we came in 3.2% above projected revenue. This makes 2017 our second-best year ever!


MarketWide Goes Social

January 12, 2018

With the release of version 5.2.13, MarketWide now boasts seamless support for targeted Facebook ads within campaign journeys through a “Social Touch” feature. This exciting enhancement provides marketers with a single integrated platform to create true multi-channel campaigns – supporting direct mail, email, telemarketing, SMS text, and now targeted Facebook ads. Combined with WebTrak (MarketWide’s […]


2016: The Tides of Change

January 18, 2017

Decision Software closed out 2016 with the third best performance over the 27 years we’ve been in operation. Sales were almost exactly as forecast, with gross revenue narrowly beating our forecast by 1.51%. Profits were a solid 9.4%. Highlights from our 2016 accomplishments include: A record-breaking year by our CYBERWARS system, turning in a 100% […]


MarketWide 5.1 Solution: Solicit Pass Thru’s

February 29, 2016

The Problem: Once I had a client who had a significant amount of dynamic content to include in his emails. However, the content was being pulled from six different tables. To further clarify, in order for their dynamic content to be populated in an HTML template, it needed to also be present in the Solicit […]


Why being Debt Free is a Big Deal

February 5, 2016

In 2015, Decision Software, Inc. experienced our most successful year ever with gross sales increasing over 16% from the prior year. We are steadily increasing our revenues by dedicating ourselves to providing the best software and services in the industry. We are always looking ahead to move forward in the ever-changing market through relentless innovation. We are even more profitable […]


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