TopDog: A Blast from the Past

June 10, 2020

By: Jeff Fowler I recently got a pleasant and unexpected surprise when I saw a LinkedIn Pulse article written by Abdul Zanabili discussing a product I developed over 20 years ago back when I used to be smart: TopDog. At the time, Abdul – who was smart then and is still smart now – was […]


Two Times Two is Two

January 29, 2020

By: Jeff Fowler Gather ‘round girls and boys and let the Old Dog learn you another trick! Today’s discussion is about another age-old marketing campaign practice called a Split. A split is exactly what it sounds like: it simply divides an audience into two or more subsets. So – if you have a segment of […]


An Old Trick for a New Dog

January 2, 2020

By: Jeff Fowler Much like my old jokes and ties, I’ve reached a point where I can recycle old ideas to a new audience and fool people into thinking I’m hip. To this end, today’s topic is a segmentation technique we Neanderthals made frequent use of, way back when people actually used phones to talk […]


MarketWide Marketing Triggers

November 5, 2019

In direct marketing campaigns, the word “trigger” is commonly used but often misunderstood. While most folks rightfully consider a trigger to be a reaction to some sort of event of – like a customer placing an order or clicking through an email – it’s not truly a trigger unless (a) you know it happened, and […]


DSI announces MarketWide 5.4

October 7, 2019

Decision Software Inc. (Landover, MD) announces the latest upgrade to our powerful marketing system: MarketWide 5.4. Notable features & benefits in this release include: A new “pay only for what you use” licensing model Under this new license, companies with large databases who market to a smaller subset of customers can pay for a smaller […]