Introducing MarketWide 5.3

May 18, 2018

After nearly a year in development, we’re excited to announce MarketWide 5.3! This is one of our most feature-packed product releases ever, combining internal optimization improvements, user interface enhancements, email system improvements, new campaign features, and the debut of our web interface: MarketWide Online (MWO). Following is a summary of optimizations, improvements, and new features. […]


Integrated Multichannel Marketing: Three Steps to Success

March 5, 2018

In many organizations, marketing operates in a decentralized fashion, with a different manager in charge of each major communication channel. Often, these managers work directly with in-house IT, running data pulls for their campaigns and sending solicit files to ESPs and lettershops…


Ask for Nothing — and Get It

February 19, 2018

Most marketing databases are built using a relational database management system. That means somewhere, buried deep beneath all those sexy screens in whatever application you choose to employ, lurks a confusing and cantankerous beast known as Structured Query Language. This is more commonly known as SQL. Originally invented by IBM in the 1970’s, SQL has become accepted as the industry standard database access language. For marketers, it is one of the few four letter words in existence with only three letters.


CRM is a Four-Letter Word

February 5, 2018

Years ago, when CRM was still an idea and not a religion, I attended a presentation at a marketing conference in which the fervent speaker passionately conveyed an undeniably powerful image: “CRM will let you treat your customers like people. Instead of answering the phone and asking a caller to identify themselves for the tenth time, place an order, and provide their name and address along with payment information, you will be able to pick up the phone and say: ‘Why hello Mr. Smith! How’s the tractor running? Did the new carburetor I sent you work out OK? It did? Great! And by the way, I have sent you a special flyer on a sale we are having, which we have tailored to match your interests. You should be getting it in the next few days. Now, how may I help you today?’”


MarketWide Goes Social

January 12, 2018

With the release of version 5.2.13, MarketWide now boasts seamless support for targeted Facebook ads within campaign journeys through a “Social Touch” feature. This exciting enhancement provides marketers with a single integrated platform to create true multi-channel campaigns – supporting direct mail, email, telemarketing, SMS text, and now targeted Facebook ads. Combined with WebTrak (MarketWide’s […]