About DSI

Decision Software, Inc. (DSI) specializes in making customer segmentation and campaign targeting easy for companies and marketing agencies alike through database building and powerful marketing software. Our software won’t solve all of your marketing problems and bottlenecks, but it does what it’s designed to do extremely well, which is helping you save time and maximize your marketing dollars.

Our History

DSI was founded by our President Jeffrey Fowler in 1989 as a database consulting service. A mainframe computer programmer, Jeff has been in the industry since the early 1980s and was ready to pour his knowledge into implementing his database software concept.

The TopDog marketing campaign management tool came out in 1993 and from the start was able to outperform most product offerings available at that time. It gave businesses power over their customer data, allowing for precise campaign targeting and deep data mining. TopDog eventually evolved into MarketWide that combined technical power with a user-friendly interface for a non-technical user. We continue improving and evolving MarketWide to this day by implementing new technologies and incorporating customer feedback.

Why Choose DSI?

DSI isn’t just about software. We strive for innovation in our industry and do our best to educate our customers, provide support and exceptional customer service. We believe that a good software is nothing without a good support, which is why we are always here to answer your questions, conduct demonstrations and help you get the most of MarketWide.

If this is the sort of relationship you want with your database vendor, let us know. We’d love to work with you!