Now Announcing MarketMax™

Decision Software is pleased to introduce MarketMax™, our powerful and comprehensive marketing system tailored for small and medium businesses (SMB). This product contains everything you’ll need to market to your customers across all major direct marketing channels. It combines data hygiene, secure 24/7 hosting, multi-channel marketing automation, email services, and comprehensive reporting.

MarketMax Pricing

MarketMax pricing is based on the amount of data you provide, so if you have a gazillion records, you’ll pay more than somebody with a hundred thousand. As an SMB ourselves, we understand that money doesn’t flow like water. That’s why we’ve structured the base package to be priced very competitively, starting at just $7,200 per month for up to 2MM names. To get an exact quote, please click the LEARN HOW button below to answer a few questions, and we’ll get back to you with a hassle-free estimate.

What’s Included?

MarketMax bundles all the essential elements necessary for us to take your raw data and turn it into a fast and polished marketing database. After the database is in place, you’ll be thrilled at the power and flexibility of our world class marketing automation system: MarketWide™. Using its integrated suite of applications, you’ll learn how to build and launch fully automated multi-channel campaigns, measure response, perform advanced analysis, and a whole lot more!

The MarketMax package comes with everything you need to get started and keep going, including:

  • Database design and build
  • Necessary hardware and software
  • Installation and training
  • Secure hosting, with failover to ensure 100% uptime
  • Weekly database refreshes, adjustable according to need
  • Address hygiene
  • Three licenses for our flagship MarketWide product (details below)
  • Email deployment (Up to 48MM per year!) with click tracking, web-based email reports, and an email performance dashboard
  • Ongoing technical support and maintenance


Need More?

We’ve tried to ensure that MarketMax comes with everything you need, but what’s not in the core package is available at a reasonable cost.

Here’s an example of potential add-ons:

  • Advanced analytics and modeling
  • HTML and creative design
  • Demographic enhancement
  • Rental prospect lists
  • Additional licenses, custom reports or additional update cycles
  • Transaction email, such as order confirmations

More About MarketWide

Simply put, it’s a program designed to do what marketers do — create reports, ad hoc queries, customer segmentation, and campaign management. We’ve put a lot of work into making MarketWide easy to use. Here are just a few highlights:


MarketWide Adapts to Practically Any Database

Rather than changing your data to fit the product, MarketWide changes itself to fit your data. This means you see the fields you’ve created, rather than having to use a set of standardized fields.


TouchPoint’s Multi-Channel Output Manager

MarketWide is truly multi-channel. That means your campaigns can use email, direct mail, and telemarketing offers simultaneously. Text messaging is available for an additional cost, and also supports external email providers.

MarketWide’s Integrated Email Reports

MarketWide has a built-in real time email engine. Based on your campaign selection, emails are transmitted directly from the system to the consumer’s inbox. It supports dynamic content, and automatically tracks opens and clicks. It also manages bounces, complaints, and opt-outs. Results can be viewed in an elegant browser interface.


TouchPoint Includes a Library for Storing Commonly-Used Segments

You don’t have to be a programmer or know SQL to build campaigns. Using MarketWide’s TouchPoint application, simply drag predefined segments from a user-created library and drop them into your campaign. TouchPoint uses these segments to build the database queries it needs.


MarketWide’s Scheduler Facilitates Full Marketing Automation

MarketWide also boasts dynamic reporting, charting, an ad-hoc query generator, an HTML designer, a campaign scheduler, and ancillary functions that let you view, edit, or export data.

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